Wordle Clones

Various Languages

Arwordle: Arabic
Boludle: Argentinian
Gerdle: Cornish (Kernowek)
Katadel: Jawi (Malay Arabic script)
Keclap: Sundanese
Kelmaly: Arabic
Latindictionary.io: Latin
Lexoula: Ελληνικά (Greek)
Malay: Bahasa Malaysia
Mondle: Mongolian
Parolette: Italian
Parolle.it: Italian
Pashtoodle: Pashto
Persian: Persian (Farsi)
Pinyin: Pinyin (romanization system for Mandarin Chinese)
Rudle: Russian
Sindhal: Sindhi
Szózat: Hungarian
So'zzana: O'zbek (Lotin)
Tatar: Tatar (Turkic Language)
Tàu Tâi-gí (Taigi Wordle): Taigi (Taiwanese)
Telugu: Telugu (South Indian Language)
Tlembung: Javanese
Ukrainian: Ukrainian
Urdle: Urdu
Vārdulis: Latvian
Word-leh!: Singlish
Wordlar: Uzbek
Wordle (BOS): Bosnian
Wordle (Spanish): Spanish/Espanol
Wordle-RO: Romanian
Wortel: Afrikaans
Wörtchen: German
SGWordle: Swiss German
kelma.mt: Maltese
Слівце: Ukrainian
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ: Punjabi
சொல்லாடல் Soladle: Tamil
字知之明: Traditional Chinese
꼬들 - 한국어: Korean
ไทย: Thai
ಕನ್ನಡ: Kannada

Fun themes

'en si lì'ur: Na'vi, the constructed language from James Cameron's AVATAR (2009)
Airportle: Airport Codes
Anidal: Animals
Birdle - Emojis: Bird emojis
Birdle: Birds
Buildly: Construction themed
Crosswordle: Crossword mashup
Dundle: The Office
FFXIVrdle: Final Fantasy XIV
Harry Potter: Harry Potter
JoJodle: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Mahjong Handle: Mahjong Hands
Filmle: Movie titles
Fletcherdle: American singer-songwriter FLETCHER
Lyricle: Lyrics
Murdle: Spooky hangman mashup
Pawnle: Parks and Recreation
Poker Handle: Poker
Poker Handle 2: Poker
Quettale: Quenya, Elven language in LOTR
Radiole: Radio-themed (for World Radio Day)
Reverdle: Wordle but in reverse, that is one has to make as many guesses possible which do not have any green letter (i.e. a letter in the correct location compared to the hidden solution).
Squirdle: Pokeman
Tacticle: Chess puzzles
Taylordle: Taylor Swift
Trekle: Star Trek
Wordle.cl: Chilean modisms, cities, places
Wrdl: Words that are 5 letters long after getting rid of their vowels
WROUD: W R O U D is a simple word game that challenges people to find a six-letter word in 3 guesses from a cloud of letters. https://www.wroud.net/ A spinoff of Wordle but quite different and may be more fun!. WROUD = Word + Cloud
香港麻雀 糊dle: Mahjong hands under Hong Kong rules

Math, Acronyms, Science, Tech, and more

Colordle: Guess the hexadecimal color code of the background
Jazle: Javascript
Mathler: Find the solution that equals X
Morsel: Morse
Numble: Maths
Passwordle: Passwords
Perfdle: Performance Testers and Engineers, DevOps, and Observability
Primel: Prime numbers
Qwordle: Quantum version of Wordle (uses entangled word-pairs)
Rundle: Like wordle, but only last three guesses are considered.
Stockle: Guess the stock or ETF
Syscordle: SYSCALL
TwoKinds: There's only two kinds of people in this World.
Visionle: Guess the label of randomly chosen image from ImageNet/ImageNet-Sketch dataset (Machine learning)
0xdle: Hexadecimal

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